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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

We have started to plan the HEART AND SOLE DAY 2021 for the children that are in the care of DSS. While the actual day does not happen till sometime in July there are a lot of details that have to be planned months before. The first list of names unfortunately contained approximately 234 school age children that would be eligible for the vouchers, this is about 50 more than what we did last year. This means that we really could benefit from as many of you as can to become with sponsors or to make a donation. It is our plan that this year that the children ages 4-10 will get a $60 voucher for Belks and a $50 voucher for Rack Room, children ages 11 + will get a $85 voucher for Belks and a $70 voucher for Rack Room. As soon as we can we will have a date selected when these children will be able to check in at Belks and then go have their shopping day. In addition to the shopping day we have partnered with Fostering Love nonprofit so that each child will receive some basic school supplies like pencils, notebooks, etc.

All in all it should be a real treat for each child and with your help a day that each one of them will remember and know that they are SPECIAL.

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